Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota now. 

I started my photography journey being primarily a landscapes, nature, and wildlife shooter, while growing up in Eastern Iowa.  

I have a degree in both Linguistics and International Studies which have helped me channel my focus in finding ways to connect with other cultures, and learning languages. My fascination started when I was young traveling Central America during family vacations, many of the U.S States, even Australia. 

As time went on, there were opportunities that opened up for me to be able to travel far further places on my own such as backpacking in Europe, South America, Africa, Japan. The most recent trip I took was to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica which opened up a who new perspective even on the most minimalist level. I enjoy the process of traveling and observing the world. Even if it is an early morning hike in the local woods, or kayaking on glass like water in Northern Minnesota during the summer while the loons serenading each other, to figuring out how to catch a train to ordering a meal in a language I do not know. 

In turn with all of these adventures, I'm thrilled to share the adventures I had for people to enjoy. I'm always seeking new ways to explore the world, .    


I've also adventured my way into portrait photography so check out my other work as well.


Thanks for looking!